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29.04.2002, 00:00
Newbie system : Every player who has totalskillsum less than 1000 and less than 60.0% Magery and Tactics will have [Young] title. They can not be looted. They can not loot blue players themselves. Also healers will heal them if they say something to healer.

Body owner cant carve it and take his head.
Author: Solar Wind
28.04.2002, 00:00
PKs heads can be sold to guards. You will have some money and fame. Also every head has amount of player's fame before death in the heads name.
Author: Solar Wind
27.04.2002, 00:00
Provocation is enabled. It cant be used in guardzone and on people.

New Incognito. You will get a random name instead of Man. And you will have the title too :)

Recall Scroll works only if you are not a Player Killer.

Str, Int and Dex grow when you use any skill.

Players become Murderers after third murder.

Houses are craftable. You need logs, iron ingots and stone bricks to make a house.

Target does not appear after double clicking any weapons except axes, butcher knife and cleaver. Also you will fail any action after double clicking the weapon.

Every weapon has bonus to damage. It depends on the quality of the weapon.

Invisible potions have different type with ManaRefresh potions.

You will get a personal device if you loot it from the monster with GM Snooping, for example Cutlass of Ruin looted by Vasya Pupkin.

House deeds are now newbie, i.e. you wont loose them after your death.
Author: Solar Wind


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