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29.05.2002, 00:00
You can't get to the market, museum or zoo if you are poisoned.

You can't fail when crafting rare items.

You need atleast 70.0% Arms Lore to repair items.
Author: Solar Wind
24.05.2002, 00:00
You can get a personal newbie (Chaos\Order) shield for 10000 gp when you say "shield" to the guard. You should be a member of Chaos or Order guild.
Author: Solar Wind
23.05.2002, 00:00
You will be teleported to the market after redeeding the ship.
Author: Solar Wind
22.05.2002, 00:00
Poison can be healed only if Anatomy is not lower than Healing skill.

You can teleport to your ship by double-clicking the key and targetting self. It will cost 1.000 gp and can be done only on the market, museum or zoo.
Author: Solar Wind
19.05.2002, 00:00
World Clock were constructed in the west of Britain. Everybody can verify the exact time and use the bank there. You can also check time using any craftable clock or by saying 'time' any vendor.

You can color your hair and beard with usual dying tub.
Author: Solar Wind
17.05.2002, 00:00
British day equals 8 hours realtime.
Author: Solar Wind
14.05.2002, 00:00
Moonglow has been decorated. It is a newbie (Young) town now. Only players who have this title can get there.

Also players with (Young) title do not die from the golod and they can not be poisoned.
Author: Solar Wind
13.05.2002, 00:00
Guildwar now works correctly.
Author: Solar Wind
10.05.2002, 00:00
Success of provocation will depend on the strength of provoked NPC if you are not GM in this skill. So with 10.0 provocation you can provoke NPC with 100 str or less, with 80.0% - 800 str or less etc.

Newbie corpses are uncarvable.

Corpses can be carved with any weapon, that has target after double click.

Anatomy grows during the fight.
Author: Solar Wind
08.05.2002, 00:00
You can become criminal after casting Incognito on another player.

If you make a fire with 1000 logs, it will last 1000 times longer than a fire from 1 log.

Colored weapon bonus does not work against players without armor in the guard zone.
Author: Solar Wind


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