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29.06.2002, 00:00
Greater Heal heals less hp now

Damage of the following weapons is decreased: Pearcer, Heavy Pearcer, Heavy Bow, Elven Bow, Elven Crossbow and Elven Heavy Crossbow.

Speed of elven crossbows is decreased too.
Author: Solar Wind
28.06.2002, 00:00
Login.cfg : LoginServer=theabyss.uoserver.ru,2593

Treasurehunting (hints) :

1) Maps can be found in any monster.

2) After finding the map you have about 3 days of UO time to locate the treasure.

3) You don't need Cartography skill to decode 1st level maps. You need 60.0% Cartography to decode 2nd level maps, 75.0% Cartography to decode 3rd level maps, 90.0% Cartography to decode 4th level maps. Only grandmasters can decode 5th level maps.

4) After decoding the map you have to locate the right spot.

5) You need a pickaxe or a shovel to dig out a treasure. Only a player with a map can do that. To start digging double click the correct spot. If you have 100.0% Mining - you will dig in the area of 4 cells. This can be rather hard, so be patient.

6) Three monsters will appear when you find the chest. You have to killemall to open it :)

Author: Solar Wind
27.06.2002, 00:00
You will fizzle your action if you double click the shield or the weapon .

You will get empty bottles after Poisoning something.

Poison begins to "work" in 1 second after the hit.

Carpenters can craft now Solar Staff and Ghost Staff. First one has a bonus against dragons, second one - against undead.
Author: Solar Wind
17.06.2002, 00:00
You will have additional damage bonus when you use Golden weapon against knights wearing Ancient Dragon Armor.

Players heads of Angelic color can be sold to guards - like a reward :)

Fish can not be sold through the SHOP anymore.
Author: Solar Wind
16.06.2002, 00:00
Same amount of mana is required to cast from scrolls and from spellbook.
Author: Solar Wind
13.06.2002, 00:00
Ancient Dragon Armor has 70 AC and you need at least 90 str to wear it. If you have full set - your body gains Black Rock color and you become invulnerable to Fire Field and Paralyze Field.

Thieves Cloak gives you unlimited, unrelevable incognito.
Author: Solar Wind
11.06.2002, 00:00
You will become criminal if somebody crosses your field (like paralyze field) in the guard zone.

If your Mining or Lumberjacking lower than 100.0% you can mine and chop trees in the guard zone.
Author: Solar Wind
09.06.2002, 00:00
Animals can be deshrunk only from backpack.
Author: Solar Wind
07.06.2002, 00:00
Paralize Field does not work in the houses, zoo, market, museum.

Your corpse will stay on the ship if you have died there.

You cant change title on the market, in the zoo, museum and jail.

All fences become static after locking them.

Your creature will be dispelled if you cast Summon on the fence or door.

Only the owner or friend of the house can open locked down containers.
Author: Solar Wind
01.06.2002, 00:00
Doorlocks are not changing when you change the door through the houseownership menu.

Distance should be not more than 3 steps when you heal somebody with bandages.

Mechanical and sand clocks display british (uo) time.
Author: Solar Wind


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