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23.07.2002, 00:00
Tinkers can craft magic axes.

Fishers can catch broken furniture.

You can chop Dead Wood with magic axes only out of guard zone and not while hiding.

Furniture can be made from Oak Logs.

Carpenters can craft tables and beds.

You can paint furniture with rare paints.

Fermers sell seeds of flowers and trees.

You can now find "elements" in the monsters loot. Smith can make an Elemental Bane with them - weapon that has improved damage against elementals.

You can now find Glacial Staff in the monsters loot, charged with Ice Ball spell.

Also you can find differents Staffs in elementals like Staff of Fire deals additional damage with fire, Staff of Earth decreases your enemy's stamina, Staff of Water poisons your enemy, Staff of Air deals additional damage with Lightning.
Author: Solar Wind
13.07.2002, 00:00
We have a new domain: www.theabyss.ru
Author: Solar Wind
12.07.2002, 00:00
Houses patch.

Gametime information has been added to the status section

Vendor ownership menu has two new positions : they allow you to undress your vendor and to make items sellable only to you ( useful when setting prices ) .
Author: Solar Wind
11.07.2002, 00:00
Status section now has information until when your account will be active.
Author: Solar Wind
09.07.2002, 00:00
Colores update.

Paralyze scrolls are enabled.

If your Cartography equals 100.0%, you will see an arrow, pointing to the place where the treasure is hidden.

You can now find speaking statues in the monsters loot :) NEW AntiLoot system : After killing a player out of guard zone for the first 30 seconds only killer, guildmember and owner can access the corpse.
Author: Solar Wind
08.07.2002, 00:00
Attack rate of all elven bows and crossbows is slowed. Damage is increased

You can find Bloodspawn reagent in Blood Elementals; Lizard Mace, Lizard Spear and Lizard Sword in lizards; Orc Leader Mask in orcs; Ratman Mask in Ratmans; Dragon Slayer Sword in Wyrms.

Earthquake and Chain Lightning spells are disabled in caves.
Author: Solar Wind
05.07.2002, 00:00
Everybody can place a vendor on the market only if there will be free spots :) Vendor costs 200.000 gp. It is forbidden to move him anywhere. After CASH command you have to give him not less than 100 gp. Dont sell stacked items and animals without a bag. It is forbidden to sell fake bags, broken items in bags, uncomplete armor etc. Each hour RealTime your vendor will charge you 50 gp.

The following dungeons have been repopulated : Deceit, Destard, Ice Dungeon, Hythloth and Wrong. You can find Evil Eye on each level of every dungeon. Instead of Evil Eye there can be Titan, Reaper or Daemon.
Author: Solar Wind
04.07.2002, 00:00
Chaos and Order shields can be painted with rare paint for 3 charges.

You have 1.5 hours after second spawn of monsters during treasurehunting.
Author: Solar Wind
02.07.2002, 00:00
Everybody needs to download this update and unzip it in Ultima Online folder.
Author: Solar Wind
01.07.2002, 00:00
Possibility to fail cure of Deadly Poison while healing is increased.

Full Apron of Abyss adds 30.0% Blacksmithing.
Author: Solar Wind


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