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PVM Rating
#PVM-points Player nameGuildname
11015000 Meliada[BOOM]
2833071 ( +295)Absente[BOOM]
3620026 TRISTAN 
4542726 HeadHunter[Sv3]
5534224 PycJlaH4uK[Holy Inquisition]
6508889 MoodaQue[OMOH]
7508824 mcIntosh[the old Champions]
8423770 Nike Free Inneva[3AKOH]
9390346 AndOne[Independent Attackers]
10382924 Tabasko[ThE sHaDoW Of DeAtH]

At present System of PvM points (Player vs Monster) extends only on dungeons Covetous, Deceit, Despise, Destard, Hythloth, Shame and Ice Dungeon.

The amount of gained PvM points depends on monster's Strength. If monster's Strength is lower than 100, you won't get PvM points. Also if you want to get PvM points, you must kill different monsters.

If you have been killed in PvM area (by monster), you will loose amount of points, which you receive if you kill that monster, increased by your level's factor.

You can identify the amount of your PM points with a help of Crystal Ball of Reputation, your rang - with a help of Anatomy Skill.

PvM pointsRangFactor
0-249Mad Hamster1
250-2499Full Raccoon10
2500-7499Singing Wolf20
7500-22499Dark Elk30
22500-47499Destroying Bull40
47500-82499Strict Whale50
82500-127499Silent Lion60
127500-182499Huge Bear70
182500-247499Severe Snake80
247500-322499Bloody Predator90
322500-499999Fiery Dragon100
500000+....An awful Demon110

It is forbidden to cheat to get PvM points.
Cheating means:
- Any way of fooling PvM system.


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