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Items that are selling on vendors

Name:  Vendors: 

VendorItem namePriceDurability
FoReSta black rock heater shield2 49946/50
daemon necklace crafted by Mr.Butcher79 999100/100
an orcish lord helm49 99995/100
shroud crafted by 0Ld Rock105 99918/100
vampire shield crafted by Puni24 000100/100
Lio-Liy4790 Dedly Poison potion65---
Blizzard28584 wall of stone scroll18---
a mytheril katana29 50050/50
mytheril katana crafted by Blizzard29 50050/50
*full sea serpent armor w/o g.h 1-10089 888---
Facelessforge crafted by reaper63 000---
magic ball Heal charges: 100240 000---
38952 clean bandages4---
a newbie key ring14 000---
Magic tool crafted by reaper15 50050/50
PatrickSwayzemytheril kryss crafted by Difuzer25 00041/50
NEIL9296 Mandrake Roots2---
Malets348 Lesser Poison potion11---
BbIKwar mace of power looted by DeadMoroz26 90060/60
ophidian gorget crafted by RagnaR3 50059/60
-=ToP4oK=-tribal mask crafted by Alek48 99950/50
Akela13002 teleport scroll17---
17877 bloody bandages4---
Fodera BlackMoona small palm8 000---
TOPcutlass of power looted by Lio-Liy19 80060/60
hammer pick of power looted by Skarra Mucc114 77757/60
Ven0ma staff of fire33 999100/100
AndOne*full titanium armor 1-100 w/o h/g52 999---
[email protected]Faded Rune to:npoDam 6 LVL Vampire full skill 7 mes profpack19 999---
4uKucTdying tub (007e7 color 3 charges)7 999---

If name and vendor not choosed, we select random 30 items.


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