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Items that are selling on vendors

Name:  Vendors: 

VendorItem namePriceDurability
HIMIK ForeverRune to:Northern Territory17 500---
13 red bull4 999---
Rune to:!17 500---
maul of power looted by Eginch22 00026/60
titanium platemail arms crafted by Overlord19 00050/55
My [email protected]mytheril katana crafted by mISHANYA39 9996/50
troll beads looted by Udav57 00075/100
13415 greater heal scroll17---
*a bag499---
mytheril katana crafted by Resident Evil39 9996/50
4Fun16173 Ginseng3---
dying tub (3 charges)45 000---
11395 Garlic3---
Edimmua plate helm of water19 99950/50
changalhelm of the leader crafted by love joe68 44481/100
1440 total refresh potion50---
noMoru MHE 6paTmagic robe of the abyss [Reflection charges: 5]14 40034/34
a mytheril katana62 00050/50
13htglacial staff. charges: 17337 999100/100
LittleFOOTtrophy crafted by LittleFOOT5 000---
!Pythona deed to a christmas tree24 999---
magic cloak of the abyss [Reactive charges: 9]17 99937/37
magic robe of the abyss [Heal charges: 4]7 99933/33
Juggernaut10501 energy field scroll18---
wind ostard250 000---
KomTeXhammer pick of power looted by ZEK29 88834/60
24053 teleport scroll20---
nacTyxviking sword of power looted by Neptun26 99953/60
Ernesto Che Guevaraan orcish lord helm49 99961/100
China Hongvampire robe crafted by Spirit650 000---

If name and vendor not choosed, we select random 30 items.


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