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Items that are selling on vendors

Name:  Vendors: 

VendorItem namePriceDurability
FireWolfa potion keg500---
new year's wide-brim hat [2010]50 000---
a potion keg500---
LittleFOOTnew 2013 year's tool15 000---
an exceptional heavy crossbow28 00050/50
covered throne crafted by LittleFOOT3 000---
magic cloak of the abyss [Agility charges: 9]50032/32
!Pythonnew year's cap [2014]9 999---
Ernesto Che Guevarabattle axe of power looted by MILSTORM15 99957/60
changal*Full Daemon Armor 1-10027 999---
NiceOnedying tub (3 charges)59 999---
tribal mask crafted by gostello50 00050/50
ruby horse3 000---
diamond llama5 999---
Plusik4702 Sulfurous Ash2---
Chuck Norriskatana of power looted by Tebe Ne Poveryat118 50060/60
wizard's hat crafted by ShakaL52 50098/100
hammer pick of power looted by NFTS.24 50060/60
*full sea serpent armor w/o h.g 1-100109 500---
ZeberDee!elemental bane cutlass crafted by musy389 99991/100
an orc leader mask16 99950/50
1944 paralyze field scroll17---
eL Diabloshroud crafted by Morley61 00039/100
China Hongtoxic mustang17 999---
ByaKuyaevening horse4 000---
ruby horse3 000---
4Funhunger maker from Nightcrawler9 999---
HIMIK Forevera staff of water7 800100/100
MYMplatemail legs of hardening looted by FReeZeR9 99961/70
noMoru MHE 6paTa ratman mask21 500---

If name and vendor not choosed, we select random 30 items.


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