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Items that are selling on vendors

Name:  Vendors: 

VendorItem namePriceDurability
3aBoD uMeHu KuPoBatitanium cleaver rewarded from Butcher to BoYaRka 30.08.2013499 000---
shroud crafted by Ven0m96 66657/100
HIMIK Forever*full vampire lord w/h g/h 1-100*84 700---
3 hunger maker from Stone Giant18 777---
ZeberDeepickaxe of heaven crafted by Dallin699 999---
daemon bracelet crafted by reaper145 99994/100
Facelessdying tub (007fc color 3 charges)30 000---
Surfus1374 Dedly Poison potion32---
greater heal potion keg (1000)17 000---
4uKucTdying tub (004f0 color 3 charges)15 999---
!Pythonan origami11 111---
Ninelamagic cloak of the abyss [Greater Heal charges: 8]70 60036/36
Podonokgolden kryss crafted by Mr.Butcher7 00035/35
Difuzermustang12 000---
a Horse2 000---
Yuramagic cloak of the abyss [Heal charges: 8]14 20036/36
TaHokadesert ostard24 999---
dying tub (0048b color 1 charges)899 999---
Do Back Unh185 shrink potion318---
Egorka*10000 logs10 000---
BABAStroll beads looted by Chauncy57 00096/100
TOPcutlass of dragon breath crafted by Puxapg 3opre217 777---
Santa Clopageus*full water arm 1-10084 999---
*full vampire lord arm w.o h.g 1-10093 999---
ZeberDee!a sea serpent leggings crafted by Do Back Unh37 99993/100
Maletsdying tub (0068b color 6 charges)25 000---
Blizzard20561 magic reflection scroll18---
a paper lantern49 888---
Chuck Norris*a glass bear122 500---
-=ToP4oK=-dying tub (00bb7 color 3 charges)24 000---

If name and vendor not choosed, we select random 30 items.


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