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Items that are selling on vendors


VendorItem namePriceDurability
LittleFOOTgolden platemail crafted by LittleFOOT30020/20
curtain crafted by Kalamendrus2 000---
Mana Refresh potion keg (1000)7 000---
Angel of Helltroll beads looted by Gunnar58 99996/100
troll beads looted by Culver58 99998/100
shroud crafted by Mr.Butcher64 99999/100
4Funtribal mask crafted by noMoru MHE 6paT59 99929/50
*full sea serp arm w/o h/g 1-10099 999---
G 65 AMGan efreet mini-statue79 999---
Chuck Norriswar hammer of vanquishing looted by Kolobok945 00097/100
*10 unlimited recall runes199 000---
KomTeXmaul of power looted by heejun.39 88856/60
changal*full scorpion leather w/o g.h 1-10044 999---
13htviking sword of power looted by Obivan24 99931/60
magic robe of the abyss [Reactive charges: 9]17 99934/34
!Pythonmagic cloak of the abyss [Greater Heal charges: 8]44 99940/40
magic robe of the abyss [Invisibility charges: 4]12 99932/32
a shroud74 9997/100
new year's cap [2014]9 999---
noMoru MHE 6paTplatemail gorget of invulnerability looted by [BaSHeR]40 000100/100
HeadHuntermagic robe of the abyss [Reflection charges: 9]26 66638/38
magic robe of the abyss [Reactive charges: 8]17 77753/53
1224 shrink potion299---
Juggernautwind ostard250 000---
nacTyxthieves cloak crafted by =MaZaHaKa=55 99943/100
dying tub (3 charges)19 999---
an orc leader mask17 99921/50
FireWolfancient wide-brim hat caught by Godofwar50022/22
Ernesto Che Guevara9392 bloody bandages6---
BbIK610 invisibility potion210---

If name and vendor not choosed, we select random 30 items.


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