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Items that are selling on vendors

Name:  Vendors: 

VendorItem namePriceDurability
Do Back Unhvampire shield crafted by Whisper14 00097/100
dying tub (006dd color 3 charges)45 000---
dying tub (00812 color 3 charges)55 555---
lesser poison potion keg (1000)6 000---
Feng Yu1071 pile of sea serpent hides500---
magic cloak of the abyss [Invisibility charges: 10]45 00033/33
a glass ostard25 555---
AMON*full holy w/o h.g.35 000---
soul blade crafted by djonnimix135 00098/100
China Power45 hunger maker from Stone Giant27 000---
kryss of power looted by V tripontin26 99931/60
dread mustang10 999---
kryss of power looted by KapanyZ26 99926/60
an Ostard23 999---
3aBoD uMeHu KuPoBamagic cloak of the abyss [Reflection charges: 10]34 50033/33
a golden war axe35 00035/35
LittleFOOTplatemail gauntlets of invulnerability looted by Nova Total230 00099/100
Chop Is Disha platemail of abyss350 000131/150
benladenwind llama30 000---
Facelessan element of air180 000---
Podonok73 silver fish potion potion400---
*Ring of life74 000---
Blizzardshroud crafted by stilexXx59 88883/100
Melk0rvampiric sword crafted by NFTS.57 777---
Coca!nea shroud99 00022/100
*a glass bear129 500---
Hylanderangelic staff crafted by DeFiLeR259 99950/50
-=Arthur Shelby=-19 ingot of abyss9 500---
DoooYoooDooOa thieves cloak2 000 000100/100
TORCHOKmagic cloak of the abyss [Greater Heal charges: 10]112 00034/34

If name and vendor not choosed, we select random 30 items.


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