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Information about shard

The game shard Ultima Online at The Abyss game portal has become classic. We are proud to say that since our opening in 2001 much water has flowed under the bridges of Ultima Online and not every shard emerged within the period is operating now. Along the way, we faced plenty of rivals, both among new servers and legendary ones. At that time of surviving we had to do our best, to put all our skills and technical potential, to employ qualified scripters

We have done a lot to climb the top of ratings and to stay there. And now our harsh fight is bearing fruits and we have become a model for many other servers. Lots of our clones heading for us have emerged, powerful rivals often complained... Despite all this, we have survived and now we will never cede our place to anyone our well deserved place among the best.

If you open any shard concerning Ultime Online, you will immediately see a discussion of The Abyss. Our competitors respect us for our good form, for our correct game among the strongest: we have never presumed attracting players by means of sending spam letters, undermining other servers ratings we have fairly deserved all we have. Players often recall us with a sense of gratitude to the shard where they have spent many incredible hours of gametime, and where they observed every month that their accounts were getting more and more prestigious on the world arena. Despite the world tendency is Ultima Online fading or changing the game field, our online is not declining indeed. It sets new records from time to time, as it is our server that attracts players from other sinking ships.

Here you will find a friendly administration team, where everyone knows his/her place and will surely give you a helping hand in case you have any troubles. And our technical potential provides us with the opportunity to become home to you, your friends and even entire guilds. Especially for such cases we have a service of transferring your character from other servers. So if you choose our server, you will not regret it, as our server is constantly improving and now has a decent game platform, which can cover any inflow of new comers:

Processor: 2xXeon Quad-Core 3460/6.4GT/12M S136 OEM/X5677
Memory: 12x4GB PC10600 DDR3 ECC REG KINGSTON
HDD: 8x73 Gb Seagate SAS 2.5" 15000 rpm
Platform: Intel 1U SR1625URSAS

We invite you to try our hardware on your character and will be happy to meet you by an instant registration.

You can learn more about Ultima Online if you click here. For advanced players, we offer to your attention a section dedicated for deeper understanding of the shard.


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