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Table of Alchemy

ImageAgility2 Blood MossALCHEMY=15.0
Greater Agility4 Blood MossALCHEMY=35.0
ImageLesser Cure2 GarlicALCHEMY=0.0
Cure4 GarlicALCHEMY=70.0
Greater Cure6 GarlicALCHEMY=95.0
ImageLesser Explosion3 Sulfurous AshALCHEMY=5.0
Explosion5 Sulfurous AshALCHEMY=35.0
Greater Explosion10 Sulfurous AshALCHEMY=65.0
ImageLesser Heal3 GinsengALCHEMY=0.0
Heal6 GinsengALCHEMY=15.0
Greater Heal10 GinsengALCHEMY=55.0
ImageNightsight3 Spider SilkALCHEMY=0.0
ImageLesser Poison3 NightshadeALCHEMY=0.0
Poison6 NightshadeALCHEMY=30.0
Greater Poison10 NightshadeALCHEMY=70.0
Deadly Poison15 NightshadeALCHEMY=100.0
Lethal Poison1 Scorpion stingALCHEMY=90.0
ImageRefresh3 Black PerlALCHEMY=0.0
Total Refresh5 Black PerlALCHEMY=85.0
ImageStrength2 Mandrake RootALCHEMY=25.0
Greater Strength5 Mandrake RootALCHEMY=45.0
ImageShrink2 BatwingsALCHEMY=50.0
ImageInvisibility4 Wyrm's heartALCHEMY=90.0
ImageMana Refresh3 Eyes of NewtALCHEMY=55.0
Total Mana Refresh6 Eyes of NewtALCHEMY=95.0
ImageAuto Doc1 BloodSpawnALCHEMY=98.0
ImageSilver Fish Potion5 Silver FishALCHEMY=90.0
ImageGolden Fish Potion5 Golden FishALCHEMY=100.0


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