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Shard Rules
1. Relations with administration
1.1.GM page should be used only in cases of extreme necessity. GM pages should be written in English only and must contain the reason of the address to Game Master. GM pages containing "gm come" "help" "is the question," the "problem" will not be processed.

Punishment: GM page is ignored ore 1 term

1.2.Disrespectful attitude to the server administration in game and at the forum is forbidden.

Punishment: 1-7 standard terms of imprisonment at the stables and -35 pvp points

1.3.Any threats to the server administration in game and at the forum are forbidden.

Punishment: account blocking.

1.4.All hostile actions must be stopped when a Game master, Seer or Counselor appears near you. It is especially important if your hostility is aimed at the person who has called the Game master. This rule don't cover Counselor Helpers, except situations when hostile actions is aimed on players with whom Helper talks at this moment.

Punishment: 2 standard terms of imprisonment at the stables & 10 pvp .

1.5.It is forbidden to lie to administration.

Punishment: Varies from 1 standard term of imprisonment at the stables to account blocking.

2. External programs, game process
2.1.The following programs are forbidden:

2.1.1 Speedhack, Gear, etc. used to increase the speed of the application.

2.1.2 Any add-ons to client excluding those who listed in our files section.

Punishment: account blocking. In case of revealing of infringements by the given rule second character, GM have the right to punish as second character and the basic characters.

2.2.It is forbidden to use macroses on public places. Only place where you can use macroses in safe zone is Expocentre.

Punishment: 1 standard term of imprisonment at the stables.

2.3.It is forbidden to make more than one character per account.

2.4.It is forbidden to use altered verdata.mul, which allows you to move at places where you can't go with standard verdata, or which increases size of items in game. The change of reflection of corpses/bones is assumed with the purpose of improvement of process of PVP. Only the official patch accessible to downloading on our site.

Punishment: From 10 terms & 50 pvp to account blocking. If the rule is violated by the computer club all of its visitor's accounts are blocked and the club IP is also blocked.

2.5.It is forbidden to use any programs for looting dead bodies.

Punishment: account deletion.

2.6.If the account of the ?Standard? package user with less than 200.000 gametime is not used for 30 days it is automatically deleted. (Rule is disabled from June 1 till September 30.)

2.7.Unauthorized access to other's game accounts is forbidden.

Punishment: account deletion.

2.8.It is forbidden to use any macro that collects resources without player near computer. This includes lumberjacking, mining, fishing, killing monsters, etc. It is allowed to gather resources, but only if player is near computer and watches the UO screen. It is forbidden to use more than two accounts from one IP address simultaneously to collect resources. It is forbidden to collect dung in stables and to buy items from vendors in cities on macro.

Punishment: First time - 1 standart term of imprisonment for main and macroing character. Second time the number of terms doubles (2nd break of the rule - 2 terms, 3rd - 4 terms and so on). For every character on macros above two - minus 5 PVP points to the main and every macroing character. In the case where main character has no pvp points - 3 terms for every macroing character.

2.9.PvP-bot (character controlled by scripts & programs specifically designed to combat players) usage is forbidden.

Punishment: 15 terms & PvP points reset to all PvP bots, 7 terms & -50 PvP points multiplied by used PvP bots amount to main character, items will be returned to the victim.

2.10.Creating multiple characters for the purpose of extracting initial resources (silver coins, blank scrolls, etc), causing server malfunction or other illegal activities is prohibited.

Punishment: from 7 standard terms at stables to all accounts ban/IP adress block/IP subnet block.

3. Server errors (bugs) usage
3.1.It is forbidden to use the server errors (bugs). Errors are any actions not provided for by the game process and aimed at deriving benefit for oneself. In case of the skill bug: the skill improved by the bug is decreased to 0%. In case of the illegal house looting (legal method is when you enter the house using a key or when you come in after the house owner) your account is blocked.

Punishment: 7 standard terms of imprisonment at the stables & 35 pvp points.

3.2.If you find a new bug you should immediately inform the server administration about it. Assistance in bug searching is rewarded.

4. Talks and names
4.1.It is forbidden to use foul language in-game public areas and forum. Also it is forbidden to insult other players.

Punishment: 1-3 terms (relatives abuse: 3-7 terms) in stables and -5 pvp pts to main character for every term.

4.2.Insulting for other players or simply unquotable names, titles, guild names and guild abbreviations are inadmissible. In case of an inadmissible guild name the guild stone is deleted and the guild master's account is blocked.

Punishment: account blocking.

4.3.Maximum guild name or abbreviation is 1-25 characters.

Punishment: guild stone deletion.

4.4.Character name must not contain the following reserved words: GM, Seer, Counselor, Lord, Lady, Administrator, Vendors, Helper, wisp and the names of the current and previous shard administration members. Also it is forbidden to give him name which include obscene or offensive words in any form (direct or veiled).

Punishment: account blocking.

4.5.Sending buy/sell messages "via macros" on Market, Vendors, Museum, Expocentre and Zoo territories is forbidden. Also, it is forbidden to use any contacts (ICQ UIN, skype, e-mail, etc.) in trade messages on these territories. There is a special territory for these purposes - "Trade Square". "Via macros" means translation of trade messages using UOPilot, UOAssist and other automation programs without person presence. It is allowed to send buy/sell messages without contact information and only if sender is able to react immediately on demand.

Punishment: 1 standard term of imprisonment at the stable.

4.6.Flooding and using continuous speech macros (Guards, Guards, Guards) close to vendors and in public places is forbidden. Any same message/group of messages that repeats itself every 30 seconds or more then 3 in row is considered as flood. It is also forbidden to use macroses like "smile" in public places.

Punishment: 1 standard term of imprisonment at the stable.

4.7.You guild must not have the following name: [EOF], [NPC], [jailed], [Orcish clan], [invulnerable], [tamed], [hidden], [young], [Helm's Deep], [Rivendell], [Isengard], [Fargorn Forest], [Don't trust me], [criminal], [invis], [hallu].

Punishment: guild stone deletion.

4.9.Malignant begging at the market (together with speech macros) is forbidden.

Punishment: 1 standard term of imprisonment at the stables.

4.10.Insulting or simply unquotable names for your domestic animals are not permitted.

Punishment: animal deletion, 1 standard term of imprisonment at the stables for its owner & 5 pvp pts.

4.11.Any unauthorized financial activity of the shard players is forbidden. This means operations with real and equal to real virtual money. (selling accounts is allowed, but only if not used shard information channels: game, forum, chat)

Punishment: forum and game accounts deletion (information about the rule violators is well-paid).

4.12.When buying or selling, or donation of account (with reference mail) compulsorily both sides need to write in the personal account of the fact of the transaction and to substantiate (this may be screenshots of translations, correspondence, change of address and other documents confirming the deal on both sides. ), after which the account will be assigned to the new owner legally. It does not consider the cases when the old master has not confirmed the change of address to the new owner, cheating with translations, and other account activity. Failure to comply with this rule will be considered automatically account hacked and the number of the rightful owner. This rule works with 2015.11.21. Accounts (by e-mail at the current host) sold \ presented \ "issued at the time of other" prior to that date fixed for the current owners and non-refundable without strong documentary evidence.

Punishment: the blocking of your account until the end of proceedings, with the removal of all detected fraud accounts for ip.

5. Objects and animals placement
5.1.It is forbidden to block passages to any part of the map, even if it is possible to get there by sea. Parts of the map are strategically important places or territories of a screen size without buildings. Use of abilities is supposed: Monk, Hunter, Noble.

Punishment: territory is cleared by the command /nuke.

5.2.Anti-Magic field of a house must not cover strategical places, roads, caves, treasure chests, other player's house, NPC spawn places. Distance between AM-field and strategically important place should be 6 tiles, if the strategical place is other player's house - 1 tile. * minor assumptions are possible that do not affect the balance and provide no advantages.

Punishment: territory is nuked.

5.3.Houses must be enclosed with fences only.

Punishment: deletion of the items used to enclose the house.

5.4.It is forbidden to litter the large number of subjects public places. Under a large number meant 15 or more items.

Punishment: deleting objects, malicious contamination at 1 term offender order.

5.5.It is forbidden to place any objects between oneself and a monster.

Punishment: 1 standard term of imprisonment at the stables and remove of these items

5.8.It is forbidden to place more than one animal in the house or at the base and on the rafts.

Punishment: animals deletion. In case of repeat you will get 1 day in jail.

5.9.It is forbidden to prevent owner from accessing his Buying Machine, vendors, block path to portals on market, to enclose bulky objects property/am area not belongings you, limiting free access to them.

Punishment: 1 standard term of imprisonment at the stables.

5.10.It is forbidden to place paralyze fields, wall of stones, traps at the entrances, exits and passages between levels of the dungeons. Passages means area of 5 tiles from place where player will get when teleporting from/to/between levels of dungeons (This violation is considered when there are screenshots or video from the scene of the violation where you can see the names of the characters). In the areas of travel worldwide (the tablet c Britain and returning, to the Islands, portals between cities and within cities, exits from the Market and similar) military actions are allowed. It is forbidden to enclose other players with objects anywhere (use of abilities is supposed: Monk, Hunter, Noble).

Punishment: 7 standard terms of imprisonment at the stables, 35 pvp pts.

5.11.It is forbidden to leave personal animals at public places.

Punishment: animal deletion and 1 standard term of imprisonment at the stables

5.12.It is allowed to use cannons only to protect your house. It is forbidden to place cannons in houses near exit of dungeons, caves, mines, passages, roads in houses with not fully enclosed AM ("holes" are in a fence, a protection does not take fully AM)

Punishment: removal of cannon, if somebody was killed by this cannon - house remove. Shooting 5 terms on a stable

5.13.It is forbidden to place items like chests in one tile with the fence. Chests may be put only in the northwest (upper) corner of the fence.

Punishment: fence deletion.

5.14.It is totally forbidden to store these items outside of chests: reagents, scrolls, money, ore, leather, clothes, bottles, heads, fish, and other items that is supposed to be stored in chests. It is forbidden to store many items of these types outside of chests: any types of bugs, potion kegs, runes, statues.

Punishment: territory is cleared by the command /nuke.

5.15.It is forbidden to use any ways of cheating PVP system. This includes: "loosing" in wars at the purpose, "ress & kill" and others.

Punishment: PVP points reset for all players who participate, 3-7 terms on stables

6. Trading
6.3.Permission is granted to cheat customers by selling empty bags, bags with contents that do not match the description, or broken things. All containers placed in the vendors for sale, in which are placed the objects should be renamed according to the content therein. For example: Bronze Armor with Heather - Full Bronze Armor With Heater, Bronze Armor without a shield - Full Bronze Armor Without Shield. The description should give a clear idea of ​​what is inside and not to be twofold. Forbidden to specify the name of the abstract, do not give to see what items are inside. If the object is in the bag, has a name, does not determine its properties, the bag must specify the name of the material from which made the object or its properties and (for example, if in the bag are simple necklace, a bag must sign golden necklace). If the bag does not have any part of it should be described. The bag must be subject to 100% fix, if not described another. Explanation: Fulom (Full) is considered to be a full armor set. If ful written against metal armor, it is assumed pleytmeyl (Platemail). The presence of words in the description with shield, implies that in addition to the contents of the container is Heater Shield. An example of the naming container armor: full dragon - means that the container is full of ancient dragon armor set with a 100% fix. full titan - means that the container is full set titanium platemail armor with a 100% fix. full snow with shield 85-100 - means that the container is full set snow platemail heater armor with a shield, the percentage of repair which is in the range of 85-100%. full holy w / o helm gorg - it means that the container is holy platemail armor, which lacks helm and gorget. full vampire 4 parts - not a valid description. It does not give a clear understanding of which parts are in the container. Placing explanations to sell items to vendors in the form of runes, keys, notebooks and other things that you can rename unacceptable.

Punishment: imposing a fine on the vendor owner at the rate of the cost of the vendor placing.

6.4.It is forbidden to attack vendors, and also players on territory of Market, Vendors, Expocentre, Zoo, Magincia Museum.

Punishment: 1 standard term of imprisonment at the stables, for the attack of vendor, 3 terms for the attack of player.

6.5.It is forbidden to appropriate someone else's money/ resources during the trade or crafting. Rule works only if you can provide screenshots or video (Please send url links screenshots or video only to Control Panel. Screenshots must be in *.jpg or zipped).

Punishment: 7 standard terms of imprisonment at the stables and tag [Don't trust me].

7. Guilds
7.1.It is forbidden to create a guild with the already existent name, if such a decision was not accepted game by master of existent guild.

Punishment: guild stone deletion.

7.2.At creation of guilds with one name, but by different directions, a dominant guild is a guild, created first (golden colore), other automatically becomes second-rate guilds (silver and bronze colore).

7.3.It is necessary to get the consent of Guild Master of dominant guild if one of the second-rate guild want to separate. Consent it must be fixed by screenshot. The consent is false if the screenshot is of a bad quality or it is difficult to identify all characters on it.

Punishment: : the guild stone goes back into the order of Guild Master to the dominant guild.

7.4.At a sale a dominant guild, all power of dominant guild passes to the guild which was created following, after a main guild (second-rate guild, I.e. green color). The authorized by Game Master changes the colors of guilds, according to a new status.

7.5.A dominant guild has a right to live second-rated guilds, and keep all rights for holding name of a guild. In this case dominant guild pay for rename (tax for each rename 1000000 gp) for all Second-rated guilds and does it during 1 month, from the day set by Game Master.

Punishment: guild stone deletion.

7.6.At living of one of second-rate guilds from dominant, a becoming separated from dominant guild does rename (tax for rename 1000000 gp), during 1 month from the day of set by GM.

Punishment: guild stone deletion.

7.7.It is forbidden to put into practice all kinds of fraudulent schemes aimed at laying hold on others? money or possessions when admitting new members to a guild.

Punishment: guildstone deletion.

7.8.Forbidden to steal items, which are owned by your guild.

Punishment: 7 standard terms of imprisonment at the stables and tag [Don't trust me].

7.9.Forbidden to attack and loot guild members. Attacking is allowed only if you resigned from guild or both guild members allow this.

Punishment: 7 standard terms of imprisonment at the stables and tag [Don't trust me]

7.10.Guild stones may be placed only on the private territory.

Punishment: guild stone deletion.

7.11.Guild stones should not be stored in bank or containers.

Punishment: guild stone deletion.

7.12.It is forbidden to write guild members with a view to attack the enemy's guard, as well as prohibited from using gildstoun other selfish ends (Violation considered if supporting screenshots or videos in your account).

Punishment: removal of guild stone. Repeated violation of the 7 periods.

In case of the second violation of one and the same rule a Game master determines the term of the punishment, but it should be no less than the previous term of the punishment for violating the specified rule. Administration can increase term of punishment till account deleting.

The shard rules dont have the retroactive effect. If something was done before the rule that prohibits this kind of action is implemented, it is not punished unless otherwise specified. The laws of our shard are not the case laws.


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